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I typically deal with banks because they feel safe and secure.  How does Bridgeline compare?

Bridgeline doesn’t physically hold any of your investments. We partner with some of the largest insurance and investment institutions in Canada to make sure your hard earned money is kept safe.

Are my investments guaranteed?

Many of the investments we offer can guarantee all or part of your initial investment. If this is important to you, please let your advisor know so that they can recommend investment products accordingly.

I am not located in Alberta. How can I meet with you? 

Since Covid began, we have been meeting with most clients virtually using Zoom and Facebook. Many people find this more convenient as they do not need to find parking at our downtown office or travel to see us. If you have never used these technologies before, that is not a problem. We can easily help you get started so that there are no barriers for you to access the investment information you need.

When is the right time to invest?

That will depend on your goals and your situation. Your best option is to book an appointment today so we can create a financial plan followed by a risk assessment to solidify your future and ensure you can reach your goals on your timeline.

If I invest with you, will I be able to access my money if I need it? 

Your money is always mobile and accessible when you need it.

How do I move my investments to your firm?

The easiest way is to transfer your investment accounts in order to minimize taxation. Don’t worry, we will handle all of that paperwork.